Kom godt i gang med Napno


Napno is an alarm system specially designed for connecting people that live alone with their relatives and friends.
Napno monitors an apartment or house for activities and will, at certain check points measure the time passed since last activity was detected.
If the measured time is longer then a period specified by the user, then it might be a sign that the person living in the hous needs help
In such case an email and sms will be sent to relevant persons that can help the the person in trouble

Hvad der er behov for at komme i gang

1. Internet connection
Napno needs internet connection so the sensors can inform the Napno server about activity in the house.
In addition you will need a wifi Access Point at the place to be monitored
Contct us if you are not sure if what you have is what's needed.
2. Account on the Napno.com site
Napno needs information about your space, your sensors and your friends email and phone number.
This is easily done by  registering an account on the napno site.
and following the instructions under the 'Help' menu for adding places, Sensors, Contacts, and checkpoints
Learn more about account registration...
3. Smart sensor
One or more smart sensors should be installed in the space that Napno is monitoring.
Sensors should be installed close to the most used parts of the house like bathroom, kitchen, living room etc.
Our sensors are wireless and only needs power. Read the Sensor installation instruction here...

This is it ! Start by registering an account on the Napno site (you will need a valid email for doing this).